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Welcome to Rovolution!

What is Rovolution?

Rovolution is a simple and easy to use Roblox to Discord integration tool, it lets server owners and administrators to effectively assign roles from a Roblox Group to a Discord Server. Rovolution also provides its users with an effective and easy to use group management system allowing you to effectively manage what goes on within your group without having to leave through discord from accepting users, managing their ranks or even exiling users - we have it all.

Rovolution Premium

Although Rovolution comes packed with amazing features there is more features that are available to Rovolution Premium users from only $3 a month.
Nickname Binds
Group Ranking Bot
SetUp Command
Audit Logs
Blacklist Users/Groups
Disable Roles from using bot
Asset Role Binds
Asset Nickname Binds
UpdateAll Command
UpdateRole Command
Premium Support Service
Minimum Roblox Account Age
Along with this Premium isn't just locked to one server, meaning any server you own will automatically get Premium.

Meet the Rovolution team

GeraldIn2016 - GeraldisNice#4269
GeraldIn2016 role within Rovolution is the founder and creator of Rovolution he is the very reason Rovolution is able to bring together over 18k Roblox users.
catipilliar14 - Nillo#4711
catipilliar14 is the driving force of Rovolution behind the scenes and in the public face, he oversees customer relationships & experience within Rovolution allowing for any issues to be resolved quickly and resourcefully.
This documentation is managed by Nillo#4711 if you spot any issues within it please be sure to report them here.
*Uptime is based from UpTimeRobot information and is accurate as of 26/12/2021
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